Takami Chika
Kanji 高海千歌
Romaji Takami Chika
Voice Actor Inami Anju
Age 16
Birthday August 1
Gender Female
Occupation Student
School Idol
Hair Color Coral orange
Eye Color Crimson
Blood Type B
Height 157 cm
Favorite Food Mikan
Disliked Food Coffee
Salted Fish
Charm Point Her three braids next to her ears, her bright smile and self-confidence
Family Older sisters

Takami Chika (高海千歌?) is the main protagonist of Love Live! Sunshine!!. She is a second year in Uranohoshi Girls' High School and the leader of Aqours. She is also the center of CYaRon!. She is voiced by Inami Anju.


Chika has medium length, coral-orange hair, and crimson eyes. Her hair is usually untied, with the exception of a braid beside her left ear. The braid is usually tied using a yellow bow, but when Chika is exercising, she ties it (the braid) using a fat, white hair tie.

Chika also has a small ahoge on top of her head, bangs, and fair skin. Unlike most of the other characters, she lacks hairs that cover her ears. She uses a small, green, clover-shaped clip. She has the same height as her friend You.


She has two elder sisters, and all three of them are fans of μ's. Her family runs a traditional inn known for its open-air hot-springs with a view of the ocean.


Chika has a bright and cheerful personality and won't give up on her dream of becoming a school idol.




  • She is a fan of μ's.
  • She has two older sisters.
  • Her image color is orange.


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