Yu Narukami
P4D Protagonist Render
Romaji Narukami Yuu
Debut Persona 4
Voice Actor Johnny Yong Bosch
Age 16
Gender Male
Occupation Investigation Team leader
Temporary idol
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Dark grey
Favorite Food Anything sold at Junes
Mega Beef Bowl
Disliked Food Single slice of ham on a plate
Charm Point hes a wildcard
Family Ryotaro Dojima (uncle)
Nanako Dojima (cousin)

Yu Narukami is the leader of the Investigation Team.

First Appearance

Moving to inaba on a train to stay with his uncle while his parents are working overseas. Fuck them though, dojima is his real dad




Hes all about friendship and bonds are his strength, but occasionally he'll be an ass and leave when the social link isnt good enough

Official Character Introduction

"Wow, you're a little prick."


  • He buys so much tupperware just to make bentos
  • One of his names is "Souji Seta" but its godawful
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